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Struggling to choose a gift for that one special person?

Bring a smile to the face of someone special with this luxury award winning active honey gift set.

It's healthy, exotic, sugar free and guilt free.


It contains two jars of some of the world's rarest organic antibiotic honeys both enclosed in a gold embossed luxury gift box with velvet foam that we had custom made in Germany.

There is also a full colour information leaflet about raw honey, organic honey, active honey and how to use it.

Both honeys are holders of a 2019 2-Star Great Taste Award from the UK Guild of Fine Food, known as the "oscars" of the fine food world.

The gift set contains:

1 x 227g 20+ Antibiotic Raw Organic Coffee Bean Honey From Mexico

- The world's first antibiotic coffee bean honey. The tastier and affordable alternative to manuka honey.

- Lab certified 20.5 Total Activity antibiotic strength equal to 20.5% phenol antiseptic solution.

- Equal to TA 20+ manuka honey which costs up to $168.85 a jar.

- From bees feeding on arabica coffee bean plantations in Chiapas, Mexico, one of the world's finest coffee producing regions.

- Raw (unpasteurised), none of the pollen has been filtered out

- Certified organic GB-ORG-04

- Crystallised, with tasting notes of vanilla, molasses and chocolate coffee (mocha)


1 x 227g 10+ Antibiotic Raw Organic Orange Blossom Honey From Mexico

- The world's first antibiotic orange blossom honey. A tastier and affordable alternative to manuka honey.

- Lab certified Total Activity antibacterial strength of 10.0 equal to 10% phenol antiseptic solution.

- Equal to TA 10+ manuka honey which costs up to $50.65 a jar.

- From bees feeding on organic orange tree plantations in Veracruz, Mexico, which produces some of the world's best oranges.

- Raw (unpasteurised), none of the pollen has been filtered out

- Certified organic GB-ORG-04

- Set with a soft citrus aroma and a rich orange flavour


Indigenous tribes in Mexico have been farming coffee for hundreds of years.  Today, Mexico produces some of the world's finest organic coffee.

But the best organic coffee in Mexico is grown in the beautiful mountain highlands of Chiapas state in southern Mexico, which lie 1000-1500m above sea level.

The indigenous tribes of Chiapas manage 1500 independent coffee plantations as the main source of their livelihood.

The Coffea arabica plant is native to the mountains of Yemen. It was the first species of coffee to be cultivated.

Coffea arabica grows best at high altitude in tropical regions in the 15-24C temperature range.

The plants reach 9-12m in height. The annual bloom produces small white flowers of 10-15mm diameter.

8-9 months later the flowers ripen into the shiny red coffee "cherries." Each coffee cherry contains two arabic seeds, or beans. The coffee beans.

Coffee honey with a 16% coffea pollen count is considered good coffee honey. This honey has a coffea pollen count of 40%, which means that it is exceptional.


Tasting notes: Vanilla and molasses with a light chocolate coffee (mocha) aftertaste
Texture: crystallised (sets quickly due to the high pollen content)
Aroma: dark chocolate
Sweetness: sweet

This honey tastes delicious straight from the spoon, over toast or porridge, or with good quality yoghurt, fresh cream or ice-cream.



The first oranges were brought to Mexico by Spanish settlers in the 16th century. Today, the tropical state of Veracruz on the Atlantic coast of Mexico produces over half of all Mexico's oranges.

Recent years have seen the introduction of traditional organic farming methods to produce oranges free of artificial chemicals and pesticides.

This honey is produced from bees feeding on the organic orange plantations of Veracruz, Mexico.

The orange tree (scientific name Citrus sinensis) is an evergreen flowering tree which grows to a height of 9-10m. It has oval leaves 4-10cm long.

This honey is produced by bees who feed on nectar from orange flowers.

They produce a delicious, aromatic honey, which is highly prized for its citrus like flavour.

Orange blossom honey with a pollen count of 40% is considered exceptional. This honey comes from the best orange blossom honey crop in Mexico since 2008. It has a pollen count of an incredible 57%!


Tasting notes: Citrus, fruity with a rich orange flavour
Texture: Set with fine crystals
Aroma: Aromatic, of soft citrus
Sweetness: light

This honey tastes delicious straight from the spoon, over toast or porridge, or with good quality yoghurt, fresh cream or ice-cream. It can be used in cooking just like orange blossom water, or where a citrus aroma is required.

Customer Reviews

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Asish S. (Surrey, Canada)

Excellently Excellent

Helena H. (London, United Kingdom)
Great product

My first time ordering from The Latin Honey shop and they did not disapoint. After a recommendation from my Sister I'm loving the coffee Bean raw honey it tastes phenomenal and I got it in a gift pack and the delivery so super fast! Quality honey amazing taste. What's not to like

Imran Y.
Luxury Honey Set

Nicely presented, and more soever enjoyed they taste. The Orange Blossom Honey was delicious sweet, citrusy and creamy. The Coffee bean Honey has the same taste as Manuka Honey with the added bonus of Raw and Organic which Manuka is not from my understanding. Great quality products.

Heera R. (London, United Kingdom)

Box set was advertised on emails as $67.54 including free delivery. Turns out it was not free delivery as item was priced below the free delivery threshold therefore requiring additional purchase for the free delivery.

Dear Heera, thank you for your review. Before we marketed this gift set we set the free UK delivery threshold on our store to $67.37, which is below the price of the gift set, so customers could get free delivery for the gift set.

It appears in your case you may have forgotten to select the free delivery option. In any case you qualified for free delivery and a free $33.77 jar of Orange Blossom Honey as your order was above $101.31.

Kindly let us know if you have any questions about your order.


ZSK (St Helens, United Kingdom)
Luxury Gift sets

I purchased the Luxury Gifts Sets as a present and they were very well received. Packaging was nice and they arrived quicker than anticipated. Would happily purchase again.