Why I Love Active Honey After Surviving Breast Cancer

Certified nutritionist Shannon Elizabeth from Glastonbury discovered the Latin Honey Shop while creating a strict diet for herself after she survived breast cancer. 

She very kindly shared her experiences using our 20+ Active Raw Organic Coffee Bean Honey in her post-cancer diet.

As a graduate of the Leith School of Food and Wine, Shannon is also a trained cook and cookery instructor. She has an active blog, The Healing Pantry. Here is what she had to say when she tried our 20+ Active Coffee Bean Honey...

Oh my goodness! Made by bees foraging the jasmine-like flower of the coffee plant, this is a gorgeous 20+ honey. Despite its name (or perhaps because of it), I was intrigued to find preliminary notes of rose hip and lemon upon first tasting.

Coffee Bean Honey Active 20+ Raw Organic Latin Honey Shop

The honey is non-cloying, with secondary notes of toffee and a hint of mocha in its finish. This 20+ Active Coffee Bean honey is an absolute revelation.

The only other generally available 20+ honey is Manuka, pungent with tea-tree oil undertones that I personally find bitter – a strange comment to make about something as sweet as honey. 20+ Active Coffee Bean honey is so much nicer.

As a breast cancer survivor, I am on a no-sugar, no-dairy, low-carbohydrate anti-cancer diet and as a trained cook and nutritionist, I have had to create my own recipes. I use Latin Honey Shop’s sublime raw honeys in my raw desserts.

However, due to its rarity and cost, it would seem sacrilegious to use this honey in raw food recipes, although its flavour would enhance certain desserts that use raw honey as its principal sweetener.

This 20+ honey should be cherished and used medicinally, or as a spoonful savoured as a delightful treat when you crave something sweet. Nothing else is required; it really is utterly delicious all on its own.

In the past, I have used 20+ honeys for conjunctivitis – a tiny drop in the eye – a strategy that worked when hit with red eye one New Year’s Eve.

20+ honeys have also been used to help heal wounds – a thin smear over a cleansed wound before sticking on a plaster is all you need.

Combining a spoonful with one crushed clove of organic garlic taken first thing in the morning will strengthen the immune system, and help stave off threatening flu or a cold, or nip tonsillitis in the bud.

Raw honeys however should never be cooked or stirred into hot porridge or hot drinks as their unique antibacterial and antioxidant qualities will be destroyed.

Latin Honey Shop 20+ Active Raw Organic Coffee Bean Honey From Mexico

20+ Active Raw Organic Coffee Bean Honey is available at the Latin Honey Shop for CA$52.49 including free delivery anywhere in the UK.

Shannon Elizabeth blogs at The Healing Pantry, a dietary guide for healing.

Note: Please be aware that there are no clinical studies to suggest that honey cures cancer. Cancer patients sometimes use active honey alongside or after their treatment to keep up their immunity against infections, but not to treat cancer itself. It is an offence under the UK Cancer Act 1939 to suggest a treatment for cancer.
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