Pacific Avocado Honey Wins 3-Star Great Taste Award 2020!

Great Taste Award Three Star by Guild of Fine Food UK Honey

Our Raw Organic Pacific Avocado Honey has just been awarded THREE GOLD STARS in the 2020 Great Taste Awards!

After the award, this honey featured in The Times (UK) newspaper as one of the tastiest food products on sale in Britain. Known as the "oscars" of the fine food world, this year 12777 food products from 105 countries entered the annual Great Taste Awards.

Only 205 products won a 3-Star Great Taste Award and our Pacific Avocado Honey was one of them! Although our honeys have won no less than THIRTEEN Great Taste Awards, this was our first 3-Star award.

Raw Organic Pacific Avocado Honey from Mexico 3 Star Great Taste Award winner


Our Raw Organic Pacific Avocado Honey is one of the rarest honeys in the world. It comes from bees feeding on the world's oldest and largest avocado plantation on the Pacific coast of Mexico.

Avocados are endemic to Mexico, with the first trees having been discovered there 12000 years ago. Our Pacific Avocado Honey should not be confused with cheaper Spanish variants. This is the real deal.

Read on to see what the judges said about this honey.

 Raw Organic Pacific Avocado Honey from Mexico


A panel of 30-40 independent judges from the fine food world blind tasted our Pacific Avocado Honey in multiple tasting rounds and all agreed that it had that incredible "wow" factor!

The panel of judges this year included; chefs Melissa Hemsley, Anna Jones, José Pizarro, Kavi Thakrar and Xanthe Clay, baker and author Martha Collison, and food buyers from Selfridges, Fortnum & Mason and Waitrose.

When awarding our Pacific Avocado Honey a 3-Star award, the judges commented:

"Dark, rich and molasses like in appearance, consistency and aroma. Extraordinarily creamy and smooth, with a vegetal and forestry taste to it. Caramel and buttery notes emerge. Good longevity. A lovely honey with unique character," said one.


Raw Organic Pacific Avocado Honey from Mexico


"What a stunning example of mother nature at her best. The silken texture is a joy to behold, and the aroma of sweet waxed comb from the hive is immediately enticing. Nutty, milky, buttery and sappy, along with sweet floral notes that are perfectly balanced in every way. The honey appears to have a staircase of flavours, culminating in great length," said another.

"Naturally deep amber coloured honey with aromas that resonate of hive and bee. Rich and indulgent, with intense caramel sweetness. Creamy, smoky, spicy, oily, with a delightful contrasting lively bitter note on the finish. The flavour characteristics taste pure and untainted, with the foraging environment suggested by the intricate and beautiful layers of flavour. There is a warming and soothing 'fattiness' to it that satisfies on every level. A truly remarkable honey that shows mother nature at her best," said yet another.

Raw Organic Pacific Avocado Honey is available from the Latin Honey Shop here.

Latin Honey Shop Raw Organic Pacific Avocado Honey From Mexico 3 Star Great Taste Award

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