ENDS FRIDAY Latin Honey Shop Eid Ul Adha Sale 2024


Welcome To The Sweetest Sale Of The Year - Our Eid Ul Adha 2024 Honey Sale!


25% off organic honey six packs until 10pm UK time Friday 14 June 2024.*

Why raw organic honey is the best Eid gift:

✅ healthy   ✅ exotic   ✅ unique   ✅ unprocessed   ✅ certified organic

Don't miss out on this limited-time offer!

How to get 25% off your cases of honey:

Simply head over to the product pages of any of our honeys (apart from Coffee Bean, Avocado and Ulmo) and click the case offer shown.

Don't want six of the same honey? Use code EID10 for 10% off and FREE UK delivery on any order over CA$89.36 which does not include a six pack.

Order ASAP to receive your honey before Eid.  

Questions? WhatsApp us on +447534488614 or email us on info@latinhoneyshop.com to ask.

Unsure which honey to buy? Confused with too many honeys? Let our Honey Wizard help you choose the best honey for your needs.

Our Eid Sale 2024 ends at 10pm UK time Friday 14 June 2024. 


* Coffee Bean and Avocado are excluded from the sale as they have sold out. Ulmo is excluded because it is low in stock. This offer is only available for six packs of the *same* honey, not for six jars of assorted honeys. You can order as many six packs as you want, as long as there are multiples of six of the same honey.

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