How You Can Reduce Body Fat By Taking Raw Honey Before You Sleep

How You Can Reduce Body Fat By Taking Raw Honey Before You Sleep

Did you know that drinking a glass of raw honey water at bedtime can help you burn more body fat in your sleep than walking at a fast pace for two hours? Here's how...

When the amount of sugar in blood rises the body begins to convert all available body fuel into fat cells. These fat cells are mainly located around the belly.

A rise in blood sugar increases the production of insulin in the body, and insulin triggers the body into storing sugar as fat.

How You Can Reduce Body Fat By Taking Raw Honey Before You Sleep - Latin Honey Shop

So it is a high-sugar diet, not a high-fat diet, that is responsible for obesity and high body fat.

It is mistakenly believed that eating more honey leads to weight gain. This is true if the "honey" is processed supermarket "honey", which is hardly better than sugar in water.

But raw organic honey is not sugar. Sugar is a dead substance that does not contain living enzymes and nutrients. Raw organichoney has the opposite effect on the body when it comes to weight gain.

Here are four ways how adding raw organic honey to one's diet can burn body fat:

1) Consuming raw organic honey at the start of your day

Taking a teaspooon of raw organic honey in a glass of warm (not hot) water and drinking it on an empty stomach first thing in the morning floods the digestive system with beneficial "good" bacteria and living enzymes.

Raw honey floods the digestive system with good bacteria that kill bad bacteria Latin Honey Shop

These nutrients detoxify the liver and intestines and make them more efficient in expelling waste matter from the body throughout the day. The effect of a clean digestive system on healthy weight loss can be noticed in as little as one week.

2) Before bed

The body naturally burns fat during sleep. A 70kg person can burn about 552 calories in eight hours of sleep. This is equivalent to a two-hour walk at a brisk pace.

Taking two teaspoons of raw organic honey in a glass of warm (not hot) water before going to bed fills the liver with fructose and hormones.

How You Can Reduce Body Fat By Taking Raw Honey Before You Sleep

Based on research conducted by pharmacist and sports nutritionist Michael McInnes, fructose stabilises blood sugar levels and activates recovery hormones that burn more body fat.

McInnes says, "Take your liver to bed empty and your body can't get to work with those hormones because it's desperately trying to sort out your blood glucose levels."

Raw honey detoxifies liver Latin Honey Shop

The key ingredient is raw organic honey, not processed supermarket honey, because it is raw organic honey that contains fructose as well as living enzymes and nutrients.

Processed supermarket honey, on the other hand, has been heat treated. This pasteurisation process kills off the living nutrients and upsets the balance of sugars in raw organic honey, leading to weight gain not weight loss.

3) Before exercise

Taking a teaspoon of raw organic honey in a glass of warm water fuels the body with just the right balance of simple and complex carbohydrates to maximise fat-burning during exercise, while reducing muscle loss.

An April 2001 study at the Exercise and Sports Nutrition Laboratory at the University of Memphis, United States, found that using raw organic honey as an energy source during exercise significantly improved performance and power during cycling trials.

Raw honey increases endurance during exercise Latin Honey Shop

The study found that that raw organic honey reduced the time taken to complete a 64km race by over 3 minutes when compared to a placebo.

And raw organic honey increased cycling power by over 6% when compared to a placebo.

4) Replace sugar in your diet with raw organic honey

Using raw organic honey in the diet instead of sugar, e.g. on cereals, porridge, desserts, etc. helps to reduce weight gain as part of an overall diet strategy.

Raw organic honey is sweeter than sugar so a small amount of raw organic honey is sufficient in place of a large amount of sugar.

Raw honey v sugar Latin Honey Shop

Raw organic honey contains living nutrients that stabilise the blood sugar and burn body fat. Sugar spikes blood sugar levels and increases body fat.

And the living nutrients in raw organic honey stimulate the body's metabolism and increases its fat-burning capacity.

The Latin Honey Shop has a selection of single origin gourmet raw organic honeys from the most exotic parts of Latin America.

The best two raw organic honeys from our range that we recommend for fat-burning purposes are the Raw Organic White Velvet Mesquite Honey from Mexico and the Raw Organic Rainforest Honey from Brazil

With their powerful medicinal and fat-burning properties these two raw organic honeys are higher in digestive enzymes and have a lower glycaemic index than commercial supermarket honeys.

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Note: raw organic honey water is not a magical quick fix to reducing body fat. It is most effective as part of a calorie-controlled diet. Always consult with your doctor before embarking on a new diet.
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