How Raw Organic Honey Can Help Slow Down Ageing

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A 2013 study conducted at the University of Piemonte Orientale, Italy, found that raw organic honey slowed down the formation of skin wrinkles.

Raw organic honey is hygroscopic, meaning it absorbs excess moisture which causes wrinkles. The vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and polyphenols present in raw organic honey slows down skin ageing by nourishing the skin. It promotes the production of collagen, which tightens the skin.

Dermatologists have found that excess use of moisturising creams can actually age the skin. This ageing takes place because the same fibroblast cells which produce the skin's natural moisturiser also produce collagen and elastin. Both are essential to maintain elasticity and firmness in the skin.

How Does Raw Organic Honey Help With Ageing?

Raw organic honey can reverse the ageing process by stimulating collagen production, which strengthens skin and reduces wrinkles. It is believed that this effect is caused by a natural antioxidant in the honey called gluconic acid, which inhibits the activity of enzymes that break down collagen.

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Raw organic honey is a natural antioxidant, which helps to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress. It contains vitamins, minerals and enzymes that can help improve immune system function.

Honey also contains several phytonutrients that help to reduce the risk of chronic disease, as well as provide support for healthy skin, hair and nails.

Some people believe that a diet rich in raw organic honey can help reverse the ageing process by improving their skin appearance or encouraging them to sleep better at night.

It’s clear that raw honey can help reverse the ageing process and improve memory. This means that not only does it have a positive impact on your body, but also your mind and overall health.

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How To Use Raw Organic Honey For Ageing

The optimal way of using raw organic honey for internal healing and maintaining good health is by mixing a teaspoon of it in a glass of warm (not hot) water, and drinking it on an empty stomach half an hour before breakfast.

This is because water helps activate the enzymes in honey, and on an empty stomach it is the perfect way to flush and detox your system.

You can also apply the honey directly on your skin (face and body) and leave it on for as long as you like, even overnight. Although leaving it on overnight may result in sticky bedding, there are no artificial colours which means it is unlikely to stain and can be washed off.

Only use real honey, not fake honey:

Remember that the honey you use must be real honey. Commercially processed cheap honey such as that found in supermarkets has lost most of its properties. It is no better than sugar in water.

Only use raw organic honey. Raw means the honey is unpasteurised and has not been heat treated. Organic means the honey is independently certified to be free of chemicals and antibiotics harmful to humans. 

We recommend using Raw Organic Rivera Gum Honey From Uruguay due to its origin being the eucalyptus plant which is known for its benefits for your skin, as well as many other benefits including boosting immunity.

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