A Trick To Lose Weight With Raw Organic Honey

A Trick To Lose Weight With Raw Organic Honey

Excess body weight is a global problem. Every day people are bombarded with weight loss tips, plans, hacks and programs.

Eat more fat. Eat less fat.
Eat more carbs. Eat more carbs.
Eat more protein. Eat less protein.

That seems to be the problem: all the weight loss messages contradict each other.

With the exception of people with underlying disease, gaining and losing weight is not rocket science. Eat more calories than you use and you gain weight. Eat less calories than you use and you lose weight. It's as simple as that.

Summer is the time when many people tend to put on weight. Water is just too boring for most people to remain hydrated so they tend to drink more fizzy drinks, juices and other added-sugar-laden beverages.

Did you know that the average soft drink can contains 39g of sugar? That's eight, yes eight(!), teaspoons.

A Trick To Lose Weight With Raw Organic Honey

The funny thing is that most people who drink several cans of soft drinks a day wouldn't dare to put more than a couple of teaspoons of sugar in their tea or coffee or cereal. Yet they are consuming eight teaspoons of sugar in every can of soft drink!

Sugar is like seawater: the more you drink, the thirstier you become. In the same way, the more sugar you eat, the more you crave it.

Processed sugar has a high glycemic index. What this means is that when you eat processed, white, sugar your blood sugar level shoots up. That's what a "sugar rush" is. But what goes up must come down.

So a little while later that blood sugar level comes down as quickly as it went up, and you get sugar cravings. You need more sugar to satisfy those sugar cravings, and the endless cycle continues.

Mind you, we are talking here about "processed" sugar, the white sugar that you put in your tea and coffee and which is found in sweets and soft drinks.

A Trick To Lose Weight With Raw Organic Honey

Natural, raw foods such as fruit and vegetables also contain sugar but it is a different type of sugar. It is "natural" sugar and natural sugar has a lower glycemic index than processed sugar.

This means that when you eat natural sugar, your blood sugar level rises slower than it does for processed sugar. This means that you don't get the high and low associated with the sugar rush of processed sugar.

When there is no sugar craving to satisfy, there is no need for a sugary soft drink. In turn, that means you consume less added sugar and less calories.

Make that into a habit and you will consume less calories every day. And if you eat less calories than you use, then you will lose weight.

Eating more fruit is a good way to stave off sugar cravings throughout the day. But eating more fruit is not always practical for some people. It requires peeling or preparation and it doesn't always meet the hydration needs of a thirsty active summer body.

This is where raw organic honey water comes in. Raw organic honey water is simply a teaspoon of raw organic honey mixed into a glass of cold or warm (max 37C) water.

A Trick To Lose Weight With Raw Organic Honey

Drink a glass of raw organic honey water once in the morning 30 minutes before breakfast on an empty stomach and you'll feel less sugar cravings that morning. Drink another glass in the afternoon and you'll feel less cravings to drink sugary soft drinks during the hot afternoons.

As well as staving off sugar cravings, with each glass of raw organic honey water you will also be filling your body with living nutrients, enzymes, bacteria, vitamins and minerals. So it's a win-win.

All of our honeys make delicious raw organic honey water, but some are tastier than others.

Our top three honeys which taste the best in water are our Mexican Raw Organic Pacific Avocado Honey, our Brazilian Raw Organic Rainforest Honey and our Mexican 10+ Active Raw Organic Orange Blossom Honey.

A Trick To Lose Weight With Raw Organic Honey

With each jar giving you about 32 teaspoons of honey and lasting one month, each glass of raw organic honey water will only cost you about 37p. This is about half the price of a can of coke, not to mention all the added nutrients you get in that glass of raw organic honey water.

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